All stars not updated

My all stars points after last nights heroic raid have not been updated for the server all stars but is showing correct in my character ranking page. should be 832 points but only showing in server as 712 which was from old parses. Does this not get updated straight away? frustrating when I should be 5th on server for balance druids and showing as 13th still.

I don’t know if this is what you are running into, but All Stars does have a cutoff of 10,000 per spec when computing the real scores. It takes a very long time to compute this (once per 24 hours), and I have to set a cutoff at some point or it would just take forever (given that there are 20+ million characters). The character page just shows a fuzzy estimate, so it is able to provide a fast (but a bit inaccurate) answer.

Ok thanks that does help ill check it again tomorrow and hopefully its updated by then. Figured it might be something like that :slight_smile: