All star number bigger in my logs, lesser in the servers All Stars

Hello! As you can see in the link below my character has 904 All Star points atm and in the other link he is in 3d place with 841 All Star points
Its like there like that for 3 4 days.
Actually the numbers was 913 - 850 until yesterday but i think thats cause of more ppl loged.
So the question is: why the numbers are different in my private tab and in All Stars tab?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Character tab is just a fuzzy estimate. Computing the actual # is much more computationally intensive and only done once every 24 hours. There is a cutoff beyond which All Stars just gives you 0 points for a boss as well just to make the computation not take forever. If you’re not in the top 10,000 for your spec you’ll get 0 points for a boss.

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We have the same problem in EU for atleast a week now:

Well to be honest i didnt understand the answer @Kihra replied :stuck_out_tongue: So it is a mistake of the programm or something else?

This is a bug. Will be fixed when All Stars next update later tonight.

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