How do the new Percentages work?


I see that WCF changed ranks to i.e. 99.9% instead of 99% which is fine, but I had a question about how it is calculated.

In one of my kills yesterday, I got a rank 16 out of 9062. Mathematically that should be 99.8% but on my WCF page it is showing as 99.1%, also, I only got 114 Allstar points. how do those work?

Historical ranks interpolate between cached sample points. In this case I know the historical 99% and historical 100%, so you’re assigned a value between 99 and 100 based off interpolation, e.g., where your DPS falls in between 99 and 100.

It turns out this isn’t really precise enough for what people expect when I started showing that decimal place, i.e., I need to cache more samples (like 99.25, 99.5 and 99.75) in order for the precision to be close enough.

Therefore I’ve decided to revert back to only showing integers for now and may revisit this in BFA when I have the opportunity to add more sample points at the high end.