How does "historical %" work on dps logs?

I’m looking at old logs from last August and trying to find out how their raid group ranked in terms of dps bracket rankings. But, I want to make sure I’m looking at it correctly. Questions are:

1 - Will a bracket ranking from an August log be the same as it was at the time they killed the boss? Or does that bracket ranking update as more people kill the boss over time?

2 - What does the historical % represent for a persons ranking?

Huge thanks in advance if you can help.


Report rankings pages don’t show historical percentages. They’re always just showing current ranking information.

On a character’s rankings page, the historical % column does show historical percentages, and you can go there to see what position the ranking was back when it was achieved.

I thought about showing the historical ranking % on the report pages, but people are already confused even by brackets, so adding both a historical overall and historical bracket seemed like it would overwhelm people.