Uploaded logs not considered in percentiles?

I just uploaded some logs and even though the log displays fine on the website, it is not taken in account when calculating percentiles.

The logs are: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NxQtGRWFMhgV89LT
and https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/dBmT2QpqhkbfK7zC

Can anyone tell me why this is the case? Thanks!

There’s two things you might have in mind and I am not sure which of those two is the problem.

I believe what you could be experiencing is due to how logs are being processed by the server, there’s hundreds of reports coming hourly and only a limited amount of processing time available. So naturally things go into a queue and wait to be processed.

When exploring the ranking tab, you can see this text above:

Basically you have to wait to see that log in your personal profile, if I understood you correctly, or you can support the project to help its maintenance which as a reward will give you priority on the processing queue. Until then it gives you a rough idea of where you’ve ranked but no points have been awarded.

The ranks themselves were also not instantly calculated, I am not sure why, so I pressed this button for you, found under the ranking tab and they appeared. But for the points to be awarded and for the log to be visible officially in the rankings you have to wait.