Please explain diffrence between "rankings" tab and performance under "analyze" tab

Im a bit confused about the rankings under the “rankings” tab and performance % under the “analyze” tab, damage done.
Shouldnt these numbers be the same? Whats the diffrence in the calculations of them?
Are the perferomance % using a bell curve aswell?

Anyone got a link to a help-page about it or can explain the diffrence?

Rankings = everybody’s best score. Each person only gets 1 spot in the rankings. This means rankings aren’t really that great for evaluating real performance, since you’re being compared against everybody’s “best”.

Performance in the analyze tab is based off statistics, which is about looking at all parses in the last two weeks. This is more representative of typical performance, since it’s looking at how everyone did, and the time window it examines is always current (last two weeks).