Any Plans to Calculate Final All-Star Ranks for Pre-Nerf Partition?

With the server issues last week, a lot of all-star calculations were delayed later in the week.

I believe on Monday a bunch of them did update all-star numbers on the parse page, but didn’t update any rankings or the aggregate all-star score.

This has lead to some funny things where for any parses that were “best” late last week, the all-star score/rank just shows as “-” and the aggregate score is only including bosses killed in previous logs.

In my case, it has left me with a score of 300.06 and a Rank of 9018 instead of a score of 1201.58.

Since these are now “locked in” forever, it would be nice for the rankings to reflect our actual end result if anyone goes back to browse them in the future. Thanks!

They aren’t locked in yet. You can re-export your best parse and fix it up still.

Thanks! That did the trick!