How come the Overall m+ dps number in the log is not the same as in Details?

I would track overall dps for the entire dungeon in Details and it’s around 70k dps. But when when I upload the log, the numbers only show as 54k dps. Which one is true and why is it different?

Details excludes downtime between pulls.

oh ok just want to make sure I understand, basically in logs it calculates the dps over the entire duration of the run (even if you arent fighting, just walking, eating etc)

and if so, is there a way to get the “combat” dps from the logs?

I don’t think combat logs include “entering” and “exiting” combat events, so while details (being an in-client add-on) can trigger off of entering and exiting combat, anything using combat logs can’t. Consider it extra incentive for any healers looking to cheese their parse, details might not care how much topping off you’re doing between pulls, but combat logging will!

With the time of the run being the most important aspect of Mythic+, it’s correct to include the entire time anyway. You should always be trying to minimize the time between pulls.

Maybe it’s “correct” but it’s not useful.

The way this software works right now, does not help you work towards improving the dps of the team. There’s no way to identify whether the problem is with slow pulls or the dps players themselves. I’m really surprised warcraftlog doesn’t give you combat dps.

Is this a technical limitation? Surely logs from the game will give start/end combat events?

You can roll over the active % column to see active time DPS. The active % shows you at-a-glance if you have too much downtime in your dungeon. You can also filter to specific boss fights or to trash (use the dropdown to the right of the dungeon selector).

In general, though, you should get into the habit of thinking of a Mythic+ dungeon as one single prolonged “fight”… from the perspective of optimizing the time, that’s what matters. You should never stop pulling, and you should have virtually no downtime between pulls.

Do you mean the active % column in the dps page? What exactly do that measure? Whether a player is casting something as a % of the the whole dungeon run?