Activity calculation problem (SOLVED)

While uploading I noticed frequently that my own uptime isn’t correct, it shows me having 5% less activity then the rest. Also DPS is different compared to skada/recount. For example, while I didn’t die I had 93,03% activity => Krosus
And I have advanced logging enabled.

WCL excludes overkill damage. Skada/Recount don’t. Log is fine.

Thanks for the reply, I knew that one. But I still don’t understand why I’m having 93% activity and not 99% like the others.

Just means you had a period where you weren’t DPSing, a brief one.

Nah, I was thinking about the same as you. But I did exactly 1s no dps during this fight, so I would have 1/(234s total fight) = 99.57% activity.

You have 11 seconds of inactivity at 2:31 to 2:42.

ok my bad, didn’t look enough in the timeline. Thanks for the answer.