[HFC] Kilrogg Visions damage taken filter

Hi, I’m trying to create a filter that would show every friendly target that took damage on Kilrogg fight while in Visions realm AND I want to exclude damage from “Vision of Death” ability (passive ticking damage while inside).

The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to combine two queries together (first query is “damage taken while inside”, second query is “ability name not equal to “Vision of Death””).
In New Query interface, I can do the first query (through Buff/Debuff and Abilities=“Vision of Death”), but don’t know how to add the second query with a negation (if choose Damage and Abilities=“Vision of Death”).
In New Expression interface, I can write the second query, but I don’t know how to specify aura name there in order to write the first query.

I’d appreciate help with this. Also, feel free to move this topic to an appropriate fight analysis category if needed (there are none at the moment on these forums). Thanks.

For the reference, first query I use in the visual interface is 2$Off$#244F4B$auras-gained$0$0.0.0.Any$0.0.0.Any$true$0.0.0.Any$true$181488$true$false

Second query I use in the expression interface is ability.name!=“Vision of Death”

in range when ability.name != “vision of death” from type = “applydebuff” and ability.name = “vision of death” to type = “removedebuff” and ability.name = “vision of death” group by target end

Sample report using it:


Thank you so much for the quick reply.

One more question. Is it by design that you can’t mix two kinds of queries together? Meaning, if I create one filter query with visual interface and another filter query with expression (like in the example above), the two won’t give the same result as your single “in range” query?

They won’t because multiple pins are always linked together using a logical OR. I don’t expose any UI for choosing how to link multiple pins together, since IMO you almost always want a logical OR. (If you start thinking about common examples, you’ll quickly see that you most often want to OR filter pins together.)

Any case where you would want to logical AND two filter pins, you should just build one filter pin instead.

Thanks again for taking time to reply. I don’t think I ever realized it before that multiple pins would combine through “OR” and not “AND”.