Help Building a Query: In Range and Matched Queries


I am trying to build a query that would filter out the instances greater than 1 that seismic shift did damage per application of seismic shift.

Let me explain further. Sludgefist has an ability that applies “Seismic Shift” debuff to all players. Upon expiration all players take 17k damage with an additional 17k damage per player within 4 yds. I am trying to find out if our raid is not spreading out enough, ei, taking extra damage.

Filtering out Seismic Damage is easy enough,
type = “damage” and = “Seismic Damage”

Grouping these per application is also simple
IN RANGE FROM type = “removedebuff” AND = “Seismic Shift” TO type = “applydebuff” AND = “Seismic Shift” END

However, I have had no luck being able to filter out the first instance of “Seismic Shift” doing damages to players and leaving only the rests. I suspect it has something to do with MATCHED, but I need help.

I added Seismic Shift to the Sludgefist Mechanics pane.

Thank you.