Expression syntax. Need help

Hello guys.
First of all I would like to apologize for some mistakes. English is not my native language. And sorry for very long post.

A few days ago i found very interested video and tried to apply this information to myself. And have a 2 questions.

  1. Used one of last logs from mythic Archi and write a custom expression for Dark Conduit. The idea is to show only those conduits which caused damage to 2+ players(in this log it is: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 witout 1, 2 and 8). Additionally I want to know who was the target of each conduit(I know that the conduit summons at a random player, but player who “targeted” will be stand in center of conduit) and who take extra damage from this ability(I mean who didn’t keep distance 8 yards). Thats why i wrote:

and take a result(didn’t know is it possible to change log language. To easy compare: “Темный проводник” - it is Dark Conduit): log

I’m not sure is I properly write an expression(in particular this part "to type = “damage” and = “Dark Conduit” Maybe it is do not need, don’t know). Actually result isn’t bad but here I see all of counduits, all people who take damage and didn’t see who was a “target”(I think I can determine this by looking on the time) of conduit where few people take damage.
Is it possible to do this with expression and if its true - can you help/explain me how to do it?

  1. Used the same log. On Mannoroth I try to write expression to see who take damage from Mannoroth’s Gaze(MG). But not so easy. I want to see who takes damage from 2 or 3 MG(for example: if player take damage from MG1 and MG2 or MG2 and MG3 or even from MG1, MG2 and MG3). I try to use “fullType = DAMAGE_SPLIT” but it doesn’t work to me(maybe I use it wrong). Additionally it would be nice to see who didn’t take any damage from MG(exclude absorbs like bubble or ice block). Didn’t save any expression on this. If my memory serves me the expression was something like this

Have one more question. Does the order matter: = "Mannoroth" and = "Mannoroth's Gaze" or = "Mannoroth's Gaze" and = "Mannoroth"

With regards.

P.S. I used the following sources:


The Problems pane already shows Dark Conduit splash damage, so you shouldn’t really need an expression for this.

Ah, ok, thanks.
What about other? Or it is not possible?