Filter multiple phases

Greetings. I’d like to check how well we did on Mythic Archimonde, bust just the second and the third phase.

I have tried using an hpPercernt filter expression, (“Archimonde” and resources.hppercent<=70 )but I’m unable to make it work on all damage (it only shows damage done to archimonde when <70%, not damage done to everybody when <70%)

Is there a way to make it work? Thanks

Trying to do somothing, but nothing happened. Very interesting question.
Don’t know is it helped you but second phase starts by casting Purifying light by Exarch Yrel. Maybe whit this knowledge you can did what you need.

P.S. I also try to do something to solve this

I think I found a solution. Try to use this expression

in range when inCategory("damage") = true from = "Archimonde" and resources.hppercent <= 70 to"Archimonde" and resources.hppercent = 0 group by source end

To be honest I’m wrote a lot of expressions for this problem(I can do only simple expressions and do not understand how works most of expression pins, so just experimented with them) and a solution was found by accident. I only change “target” to “source” in group by.
I checked results by deleting expression, use dropdown menu and sum dps by few people from 2nd and 3rd phase. They are almost identical to results from expression. Don’t know why results with expression and without it do not completely equal(only guess).

Also I have a question. At first I used type = "damage". So, the question is: why dps by some classes(maybe only some specs) with type = "damage" a little bit better then with inCategory("damage") = true? What events(or something else) exclude “inCategory” and what events include “type” if it’s used for damage?

You can use encounterPhase in expressions. For example to ask if an event occurs in the first two phases of a fight you could write:

encounterPhase = 1 or encounterPhase = 2


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