Filter debuffs by boss health

Hi! Im trying to filter boss health between two percentages and then look at the debuffs that happen in that boss health range. When I use an expression it works for damage done but not when looking at debuffs.

encounterBossHealthPercentage BETWEEN 40 AND 70

in range from = “Mistress Sassz’ine” and resources.hppercent <= 70 to“Mistress Sassz’ine” and resources.hppercent >= 40 end

Those are the expressions I tried. The first one with encounterbosshealthpercentage works great for damage done but not much else.

Am I misunderstanding something when I want to look at the debuffs category?

encounterBossHealthPercentage should work everywhere. If it’s not working on a particular page, that’s a bug.

It looks like query by expression isnt working at all anymore. Here are the logs that I was looking at.

Oh that’s not what encounterBossHealthPercentage is. That’s just used to filter to specific pulls. It is just a single value, what the wipe % was.

There is no way to do what you want, as there is no way to filter events on completely unrelated data that is not found in those events.

It sounds like you just want phases support to be implemented for Mistress, which is something i plan to get to soon.

Ah I see. I understand it now. Thanks! And yeah I was just trying to hack together some phases of the fight together.

Thanks for all the help and the work you put in!