Problems with Titania/Inocence

I want to know if its me or is the titania ranking not working? I cant see anyone and everytime i upload to the site it register as trash mob.

FFLogs is not finished updating for the new content. Just sit tight. Once rankings are open, I’ll announce it.

Thanks for the answer. I was wondering because they were already listed.
Time to be patient i guess :3

Hi Kihra, first thanks for everyone you do. I really appreciate it. I was wondering, if there is a way to upload logs prior to the version ACT plug-in. I have a lot of logs from 6/30-7/3 that when I try to upload it says “This log file was created with an old version of the ACT plug-in. Please upgrade your plug-in to v2.0.2.3 or higher. You can split your log file if it contains a mixture of outdated and current fights.” I did a split log and uploaded some extreme encounters from 6/30-7/3, but it just says “unknown zone” and it’s blank.

Thanks again

Sorry, ACT changed the syntax of the log file in v2.0.2.3, so I’m only going to support that.