FFLOGS updater update?

Hey all, noob question as iv only had a pc a few days… but since 4.2 i havnt been able to upload anything, when i open the fflogs uploader, says;

Error: This version (12.4) is incompatible. Download the latest version of the desktop application.

how does one do this? iv uninstalled and reinstalled from the fflogs homepage etc. ran as admin, everything i could think of… i see fflogs now has the 4.2 fight but i dont see a way to update the uploader. thanks for any/all help

Same here, looks like the devs are taking their time which is really odd for a big patch like this.

Working on it. My work is always gated on ACT becoming functional, which didn’t happen until yesterday. There are some challenging things to work out with some of the fights, but going as fast as I can.

Cheers Kihra! Thank you for your hard work it is very much appreciated!

ACT was completely functional on the 31st.

It was functional on the 31st yes, but they released another update yesterday which would again hault their development.

The work I have to do is far more extensive than what goes on with ACT. I have to make all the same changes to my code that they did for the network packet adjustments. After that, I have to add every fight one by one and make sure that kill vs wipe is detected properly.

In order to do that I have to collect logs from people who actually ran each fight. They can’t collect those logs until after ACT is updated.

I then have to work through issues like encounter timeouts, e.g., the long inactive period on Byakko, and I have to figure out victory conditions when bosses don’t die, e.g., Kefka. In addition, Kefka shares the same name despite being two encounters, so I need to add some new logic to distinguish those fights based on health pool.

Some of the fights have debuffs that have to be accounted for ,e.g., mind control effects, damage downs/ups, healing downs/ups. I have to carefully account for each one of these effects to make sure that damage/healing numbers are accurate.

TLDR: It’s not as simple as “ACT is ready, why aren’t you?” The work I have to do is far more extensive.

I have a brand new Phantom Train Kill Log if you want. Just 5 mins ago. Done with the latest ACT Plugin update.