Guild Control Requests


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Guild name: Not Enough Rage, Server: Silvermoon EU.

I am the guild master of this guild.


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Guild name: Дальний Восток Server: Ясеневый лес (EU)



(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Unlucky on Illidan

I’m GM of the guild, Hykon. Previous GM still has admin on logs. Forgot to ask for transference when he quit.

Hykon#1137 on bnet if you need anymore info.


Hello Kihra,

I recently joined a new World of Warcraft raiding guild. Guild Name: Unintentional Server: Area-52.

The current GM is currently missing in action and now one has tried to do anything in order to take control for posting logs. Can you transfer the ownership to to Smugbert, he can then do whatever it takes for us to be able to post logs. Any assistance in this matter would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you

  1. FF XIV
  2. Guild/FC: Red Lotus Server: Sargatanas

I’m the Guild/FC leader for Red Lotus, a raid member has been pushing me to try new stuff, but it seems like someone has already claimed the Red Lotus FC/Guild here. Could I get help getting control of it, please.


Hi Kihra, still with the problem, can you unlink me from and <Están atacando El Cruce>, as well as delete my characters after several name changes or realm migrations. Thank you!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Immortalus - draenor EU

I am rank 2 in game “RL Leader” Rank 1 is GM.


Hello, i would like to have control of my guild report in Warcraft logs
1: World of warcraft
2: Sin Korp / server: Ner’zhul / Horde / EU
I am the GMécrid


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Radicitus - Thrall (US)

I am an officer in the guild, character name Nephilidae. Jilted ex-guild member took control of the logs years ago.


(1) World Of Warcraft
(2) Sin Korp - Ner’zhul (EU)


Hey there

Game: World Of Warcraft
Guild Name: Impavidum
Server: Nathrezim EU

I’m Pikay, Officer of the EU-Nathrezim guild “Impavidum”

Unfortunately noone in our guild know the key to our Logs. There are some players who will not login with their Battlenet-Account.

Could you pleae provide me with a Login Code?

Many thanks


Hey can i please request the following,
Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Anshar - Frostmourne

accidentally gave gm in warcraft logs to an ex member, and i would like to get it back.àrkshadow

Thanks Dark Kylz


Game: WoW
Guild: Phoenix Continuum
Server: Pozzo dell’Eternità (EU)

I’m rank 0 of my guild but I cant take control of it. Plus: I can’t update my characters even tho im logged in with bnet.


Your guild uses automatic management. You probably didn’t give WCL Permission to see your characters when you first linked to Go to Blizzard’s Web site and revoke WCL’s permissions. Then unlink and relink again and this time make sure you check all the boxes and allow WCL to see your characters.


Hey there !

Game : FFXIV
Guild : Freres de Sang
Server : Shiva (EU)

I’m FC’s co-leader (rank 1) and i’d like to take control of the guild as the current Officer will be unavailable soon. GM tried to make an account but can’t change my rank apparently.
Character : Lebreau Ackerman

Thank you


Warcraftlogs Username: Unholyone

(1) WoW
(2) Alteration on Blackrock-EU

There was a guild named like that before, we transferred the guild from Azshara-EU and a GM opened up the name Alteration for us after a force rename and terminated the old Alteration.
Now I can’t claim the guild on WCLogs and therefore no Speed/Execution Rankings.


This guild does not exist when I use the Blizzard APIs to request it. I don’t know if this is a caching thing or what, but it just 404s. You’ll have to wait for the API to figure itself out here.


The 404 issue was resolved via Ticket by a GM.

Now I want to change Alteration-Azshara to Alteration-Blackrock (Screenshot: )
but I’m encountering “Unhandled Exception encountered. Please report this error. Thanks!”

Is it possible to transfer Logs like this or do I have to open up and take control a new guild?

Guild Transfer, errors and the annihilation of all logs


I attempted to upload our first logs to our Free Company logs, and when I did, the community no longer shows up in my bar.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV
  2. The Star Shadow - Balmung

I am the owner of the community, Magus Khunsehr. Thank you for your assistance with this.


NVM, gonna open up another post.

There were tons of very strange issues which resulted in the deletion of all our guilds logs.