Guild Control Requests


Ululate ysera
for some reason the officers and GM’s are stuck at member ranks on WCL guild page. pls help.


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Internet Kings-Stormrage

Wanting to get control given to my character (Tantrìc), which is an officer in the guild.

  1. World of WarCraft
  2. Обойма on Дракономор (EU)

My character Тэнберг is officer in the guild and I upload logs of out guild.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild and Server: Arcanum Area-52
I’m the Guild Master: Mohjoh



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name:风雨同舟-斯克提斯(CN)
Thx a lot~
I am one of a member of our Raid, and I upload our logs to WCL


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: On the Rocks
Server: Europe
Realm: Shadowsong

I am an officer in the guild and none of the other officers or the guild master had any knowledge of our guild being on warcraftlogs, so i would like to take control of it, since i am the one doing the logs for every guild raid.

Character name: Malevolent

I have rank 2 - which is officers, where rank 0 is GM and rank 1 is GM alts.



(1) The game : WOW
(2) Guild: Benevolent - Mal’Ganis (US)

I am the GM Aevok, linked it to my Bnet account but it says I am not rank 1 in the guild for some reason.



I need to take control of the following group:


Character: Rikon Spir on Lamia


Hi :slight_smile:
Game: WoW
Guild: The Lost Army
Server: Lightbringer (EU)
I’m guildmaster Zentia. I want to claim ownership of our guild’s logs.


Hey My Game: WoW
My guild’s name: Morningthaw-Thrall
I am the GM…Thank you for your time



I have (and always had) rank 3 in our guild. Recently I can’t upload any logs into the guild area. All I get is an error message that I do not have enough rights to upload. Can somebody help me? :sweat_smile:

Game: WoW
Char: Yangruidian
Region: EU
Realm: Shattrath
Guild: AbgrundtiefböserSchatten


(1) The game - World of Warcraft.
(2) Cheers Bro - Stormrage server. Have posted before, and e-mailed. Someone else has created an account and listed themselves as the GM, they aren’t even in the guild. I would like guild control please of my guild. Also, they have added slanderous information in the guild description. I would like this resolved as soon as possible please.

Thank you!


Game: WoW
Guild Name: SuperMassive
Realm: Twisting Nether

I am the master of the guild (Axhind) and apparently someone else claimed the control of the guild without my knowledge.


(1) FF
(2) SEVENTH HEAVEN on Behemoth NA

I’m not sure who has control of our FC page right now but the character list for it shows a whole lot of people in it that definitely are not. I’m Vice President of the FC and have been put in charge of this kind of thing so I need control of page please.


World of Warcraft
Extra Cute Mal’ganis US

I am GM of the guild


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Pantheon - EU-Dun Morogh

Old GM is inactive so i would like to claim the Guild to Felinà.
The Char is GM Rank since a while

Thanks for the help.


Game : Wow
Guild: Ðawn
Realm: Drek’Thar
Region: EU

I’m Langos (, one of the 4 officers of the guild (we don’t have a GM). I would like to take control of the guild, because Scantraaxx (old officer) left it.

Thank you !


Game: WoW
Guild: Dark Confliction on Thrall
Currently no one has control of our logs and I am the highest ranked member of the guild signed into our logs.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Ancient History - Magtheridon EU

Old GM left so as the new GM, I’d like to have admin access to our log-account and the old GM account removed!


WOW - [US][RUNETOTEM][A] Presidential Status
Currently My rank is “2”, and our GM and our GM Alt do not really do much on Warcraft Logs. I have instructed another officer who is rank “3” and she has begun logging. I would like to be able to edit our guild description, which I did when I first set up the guild, but currently have been asking my GM and instructing him on how and what to do things (Like a Discord Webhook).

May I have the same permissions over our Guild as a rank 1 or 0?

Thank you for your time.