Guild Control Requests

If you are having issues taking control of your guild’s logs, post here and I will help you out. Make sure to include the following information:

(1) The game (WoW, FF, WildStar or Rift).
(2) Your guild’s name and the server the guild is on.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Extinct - Ravencrest EU

I am rank 2 in game “Co Leader” Rank 1 is GM.

Game: FF
Guild Name: Aura on Gilgamesh

The guild page was created without consent by a member and I want to take control of it as I am an rank 2 under the GM.

Hello, i would like to have control of my guild report in Warcraft logs
1: World of warcraft
2: French Konnection / server: Hyjal / Horde / EU
I am the GM


  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Adorable / Frostmourne-US

I’m the GM: Juninhodruid . Thankyou.

Looks like you resolved this, since I see you as Guildmaster.

Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Exilium - Kazzak EU

    • FF
    • Lost-Legion - Moogle - EU

I had created the guild page and started to upload logs on it but when other members asked to upload some of theirs, I couldn’t because I made the mistake to put myself as simple member… So recently I’ve created a new “Lost Legion” page, this time as Officer and managed to add members and so on… BUT ! Every record such as ranking, is viewable on the old one only… Because I think each player is linked to his real FC name in the lodestone. And because the new page doesn’t have the " - " in it that’s why.

So basicly what am I here for… I’d like to know if I can take control back of the old one and delete the new, or delete the old and keep the new but with the real name of the FC “Lost-Legion”.

Thanks in advance.


Game: WoW
Guild: Rapid Eye Movement - Tarren Mill (EU)

Current GM on the logs was an old officer (Ediel) who quit ages ago. Im the GM ingame on my character “Scryp” and an officer on logs.

Thanks for the help.

Regarding Lost-Legion, not sure what you want me to do here. You have lots of reports uploaded to both places, so you need to let me know what you want to happen. Not going to delete or rename anything for now since I don’t want to erase reports that you might care about.

Yes sorry it was a bit “messy”.

I think the easiest thing to do would be to rename “Lost-Legion” to “Lost-Legion (old)” or something like that and put it as “inactive” too. Since it will never be used again. And then rename “Lost Legion” to “Lost-Legion”. That way the one we use now to upload our logs will be the same, only the name will change, and we’ll still have our old logs on the website. (Even though the ones we really care about are the last weeks)

So tu sum up :

  • Renaming “Lost-Legion” to “Lost-Legion (old)”.
  • Put it as “Inactive”.
  • Renaming “Lost Legion” to “Lost-Legion”.

Sorry if it’s “messy” again ^^. And thanks to take time to help us out :slight_smile:

I need to aquire control of my guilds report logs for

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Comfortably Numb (Server: Blackhand)

I am Guildmaster, and character’s name: Apep.

Thank you.

Hi Kihra,

Due to the China is not available, my friend can’t take control of her guild.
Guild Name:黑手-艾露恩
Guild URL:
My friend WCL account:
She is the Guild Leader in game which named '呆萌小法娘’
Thanks a lot~:grin:

The China should be working now. Is it not?

No. It doesn’t work…
We still can not link our WCL account to the account. /sigh

Ah, that should (in theory) work now. I have turned it on, so hopefully it works.

Oops. Got an error message like as below.

Could you help to fix it?

Just going to give up on management I guess. This isn’t something I can debug, since I have no account in China that I can use to test.

Have your friend click on:

Once they are in the guild, I will promote them to guildmaster.

I try to link my account with China several time, but it still gives me that error message…(even I change to windows OS)

The error step as below:

  1. Click button to link to China Region
  2. Login with Account
  3. Allow the API permission for WCL.
  4. ERROR

Anyway, I just click that URL via her WCL account. Please help to promote her.