Guild Control Requests



  1. World of Warcraft
    there are 2 guild’s in warcraftlogs that means the same in the game.
  2. Enemy Mine @ Das Syndikat <-> Enemy Mine @ Kult der Verdammten
    can u fix it?


World of Warcraft
Forged Paradigm (Server: Area-52)

The old GM/RL and Officer of the guild left. I’m the new GM and would like to take control of the logs.
Toon name is Krozok.
Wow Progress has me at rank 3 Just above raider and just below officer.
Thanks for the help.


Game: WoW
Guild Name: Stalwart - Emerald Dream

Beezybates is no longer in our guild, GM is on hiatus, officers(including myself) are managing the guild and want to start running logs again.


Hi there!

I need a hand if you please our current member in control has left us.

Game: WoW
I’m Bursting on Zuljin Horde side.



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Blood and Honor
Sever: Anzu(CN) By the way, Anzu is same with 安苏 in Chinese.

The guide GM have been AFK. And I can not contact with him. Please help me to remove the GM to me.
Thanks for you help.


Game: Ffxiv
Guild Name - Mana Network
Server: Gilgamesh

FFlogs Name: Ryzo
My IGN: Ryzo Legend

The guild has no guild master, and only one officer in it on fflogs and he no longer plays the game, and doesn’t even know what fflogs is, so we can’t adjust anything on our FC fflogs.


Game: WoW
Guild Name: Zanity - Tarren-Mill

Previous GM has ownership and has stopped playing and i want to take control of it as new GM
Char name: fishcaké.
Warcraftlog name: Channy


Game: World of Warcraft
Old Guild Name: 雲淡風輕 / server:屠魔山谷 / 部落 / TW
New Guild Name : Within Temptation / server:屠魔山谷 / 部落 / TW
Recently changed the name of the Guild
please move the log to the new guild
I am rank 2 in Guild千雪天希


Game: WOW
Guild Name:完美巅峰

My player’s name is 灵犀小饭饭, and I am Rank 2.
Can not contact the old controler, and I want to take over … thanks…


Hi Kihra,

Our guild changed leadership a few months ago and we’d like to be able to control the logs from our raids. Info requested below.

  1. WoW
  2. Ascendance on Alonsus EU




Hi Kihra,

Our Guild doesn’t have a GM and we would like to have control of our guild/logs, so i would like to take control of the guild. Info below.

  1. Wow
  2. Die strammen Recken on Kel'Thuzad EU




Please help cant claim and i will be in charge of logs

Guild: Pinoy Allstars EU
Realm -Twisting Nether Realm

Thanks in advance


(1) WoW
(2) Mass Destruction on Frostmourne (US)

Old officer has control and has left game. Promote Fritzmix to new controller please.



(1) WoW
(2) 神創(CN)

Cuz CN server’API is closed,I cant link my WCL account to account,and the take over control button returned 500.The old GM left the game and I wish to take control,I;m the new GM


I forget to mention my WCL account is samery1988 and my in-game id is 熙唲、


Hello again, any news on this please?


@Kihra might help giving the alert, sorry if it doesn’t. I posted 2 weeks ago not sure if something was wrong on my behalf in there.


Hello ! I’m the one to log in my guild but I can’t see how to make it possible. My GM promoted me on tuesday on Warcraftlogs.

Guild : Square@Hyjal (EU)
Game : World of Warcraft
Account : Ashkroff

Thanks for your time :smile:


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Desire - Antonidas EU

Im currently member after GM left the guild (Bertina)


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Guild name: praise the sun Server: Eu-DE-Thrall

Guildmaster isnt in guild anymore and stopped playing WoW. Requesting to give lead on the Char Heppy (lvl110Paladin, im currently Officier)