Guild held hostage by ex GM, WCL support siding with Ex GM


I have a story here which I hope someone else can help with as this is causing us issues.

Our EX gm decided he and a few others didn’t want to raid with us anymore, so he essentially destroyed the guild and left us for dead.

We are in the process of rebuilding the guild, and we have requested and successfully obtained control of the WCL guild page. Everything was great, we Showed proof of the guild in game and ownership. Even provided WCL support a \dump GetRealmName() which showed it was in fact on the server and we weren’t trying to do any shenanigans.

The ex GM did not want this to happen so they contacted WCL support and somehow are claiming that we don’t deserve to have ownership of the guild.

WCL support seems to think the best choice is to allow this EX gm to control the outcome of the situation. They(WCL support) are renaming our guild page and telling us to start over. We no longer have the ability to manage our past logs, and have to point new members or recruits to “oh this is our old page”

This doesn’t seem fair, this ex gm should NOT have the ability to control what we as a guild do in the future, This is allowing a single person, who isn’t even associated with the guild, to control the outcome of many people.

Private logs from the guild were set to full public by WCL support, when we don’t want that to occur, since they were guild logs, the users who upladed them have no control over them, this is unfair, we were trimming parses and doing what we wanted to do with the guild to make us look as good as possible to new recruits. We no longer have that right.

I thought this was antithetical to the belief system of WCL. Allowing a single user or a few ex guildies that went with the EX gm to control us and our future.

I humbly request that the control be given back to the rightful GM, myself of the guild.

Please help us.