Guild Transfer, errors and the annihilation of all logs

Warcraft Logs Username: Unholyone

First off, I read: Guild Transferred - Logs Lost?

Nobody deleted Logs but they’re gone due to this circumstance:

Our guild Alteration-Azshara (EU) transferred to Blackrock (EU) where our name was already taken.
We renamed our guild to sth offensive but received a force rename by blizzard soon after.
A GM cleared up the name Alteration for us to use.
Now everything regarding the guild was bugged beyond oblivion, armory and such but this was resolved by a GM soon after as well.

My Char Firaga-Azshara logged under WCL Username “Unholyone” for the guild, I transferred and renamed Firaga to Blîzzaga-Blackrock.
I couldn’t claim Alteration-Blackrock and opened up a post previously on this forum, I was met with the
“Unhandled Exception encountered. Please report this error. Thanks!”
when I tried to change Alteration-Azsharas Server setting to Blackrock or using the automatic join URL for the new guild.

So to check if I encountered this error message using the autmoatic join url for Alteration-Blackrock whilst already being a member (recognized by automatic management before switching to manual) I left Alteration-Blackrock with Blîzzaga (or WCL Unholyone) via “Leave Guild” - HOWEVER - It made me leave the guild on Azshara as well (???) thus leading to the deletion of ALL guild logs.

And, funny enough, the old guild Alteration-Azshara is now non-existent or the old join url doesn’t work (Error: The specified guild does not exist.), it somehow switched to automatic management thus resulting in “Unhandled Exception encountered. Please report this error. Thanks!” when trying to use the the old auto-join URL but all logs are gone.

There were logs created by other people as well, but every log was deleted, not just mine,

I suppose all logs are gone then.

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