Gloomclaw (Volatile Mauler)

I would like to have these adds removed from ranking in logs, and have talked with many people who feel the same.

There is a certain part of the fight which requires the raid to pick up and turn in an item and all the top parses have people ignoring the intended mechanic to hit the frogs.

It would make the fight much better if people weren’t ignoring mechanics during this section to hit the mob.


100% agree

just to explain a little bit more

GC is a fight consisting of 5 phases
a normal phase means DPS adds, than boss
1 of the phases is a roleplay phase where everyone is supposed to collect stuff on the floor and hand them into an elemental
during that phase frogs (Volatile Mauler) spawn and try to reach that said elemental to explode there and destroy it
the intended mechanic is to slow the frogs, so they cant reach it
basicly 2/20 players are assigend to slowing, everyone else is supposed to finish that phase by handing in
now since that phase is almost 20% of the complete time on this boss literally every #200+ parse has people "whooring on frogs"
the frogs youre supposed to slow are attackable (even killable) so people do that instead of the intended mechanic of that phase

this shouldve been removed a long time ago, pretty sure everyone agrees on this :wink:

I have made this change. Give the crawler some time to re-process all the Datascape reports.