FFXIV: A10S Parses/Kill shown as Trash fight

Hi there,
we managed to kill A10S last night and went into A11S for just one wipe. Seems this bugged our log since A11S is shown correctly, but all our trys and the Kill in A10S are shown as trash fight!
Here is the link to my upload: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/Px7hdDMmG8aFpT6z

Is this already known?
If you need more infos from me to help fixing this, just let me know! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your effort!

Edit: Is it maybe related to the german client I used? And due to that the fight wasnt properly detected?

Any news on this issue?

I import abilities from xivdb and was waiting on them to fix a bug in their API. They have now fixed it, so now I need to get all the languages imported. Will try to get to this today.

In theory should be fixed, but your log has been taken down, so can’t verify.

Thanks for your reply! I just reuploaded the log, i don’t know why it has been taken down.

I think it isn’t fixed yet?