Filter a night of tries to show DPS only during heroism


I would like to filter the dps of my raid in order to only show what happened while heroism was up, for all tries.

I would like to see that in order to be able to see the average DPS of my raiders during the burst/pull of Archimonde Mythic, but there could be several other occasions where this could be handy.

Using a query, I manage to get pretty close to the result I would like:
This however does not take into considerations pets, clones, totems, etc…
So obviously, the result is, for some classes, no where near what I want.

An other solution is to use a timestamp filter of the first 40 or 41 seconds as we usualy launch heroism at start like here:<%3D+49000&boss=1799&wipes=1
But there can be some tries where I decide to test things without heroism, and therefore the average DPS is no longer representative of the one under heroism.

Would any of you have an idea on to a way to do that ?

Thanks a lot.

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There’s no way to do this. I would have to add a concept of matching when the source or the source’s owner have the buff, and nothing like that exists. I doubt i’d ever do this for Queries, as that UI is complicated enough already, and adding multiple new entries to the dropdown for source and target pets would just be too bloated.

For expressions, I would need to add something like “group by sourceOwner” or something instead of just “group by source”… not too difficult to add, but I need to come up with a good name for it.

Thanks for the quick reply!
A new expression type would fine yeah! Looking fowards to it. Would help burst optimisations
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Oh this is actually way easier than we are making it. Given that the buff comes and goes at the same time for all players, you don’t technically have to apply any “grouping” check. In other words, you can treat the range as ending as soon as it falls off any player.

So this should be sufficient:

in range from type = “applybuff” and = “Time Warp” to type = “removebuff” and =“Time Warp” end

I would obviously amend = “Time Warp” to include all possible sources of heroism though, since I do notice on some of your pulls, people got Heroism and not Time Warp. You can do this with e.g.,

( = “Heroism” or = “Time Warp”)

Thanks a lot, works like a charm! :slight_smile:"applybuff"+and+("Heroism""Time+Warp")+to+type+%3D+"removebuff"+and+("Heroism""Time+Warp")+end

Just to follow up here, I forgot that the .owner field does actually return the actor if they have no owner, so it could actually have been used along with grouping to get “perfect” results:"applybuff""Time+Warp"+to+type+%3D+"removebuff""Time+Warp"

Not that you really need it in this case, given that Heroism comes and goes at the same time, but I figured I’d show this example so you could see how you can actually group things based off owners.

Hello and thanks for the follow up.

I also have an other issue if the heroism is launched just before the pull (I know I should slap the guy doing that as it is a tiny loss of heroism, but none the less would like to be able to analyse it).

Here is an example of log:“applybuff”+and+(“Heroism”“Time+Warp”)+to+type+%3D+“removebuff”+and+(“Heroism”“Time+Warp”)
As you can see, warcraftlogs doesn’t print the blue background specific to heroism phases in the graph, but still detects that we were having the hesoim on us:

I asume it is due to the fact that the query we do detects “applybuff” and the heroism buff isn’t applied during the fight but just before. Is there a way to have it do the previous query or (if nothing returned) a query up till the heroism buff removes ?

Thanks a lot.

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