Evaluating monk stagger effectiveness

Wanted metric is described here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2092608-See-how-much-damage-was-cleared-my-Purify-in-Warcraft-logs

And a question - why monk’s cleared stagger doesn’t count as absorb? I.e. when warrior stacks Ignore Pain and later absorbs this damage through it - this will be reflected as warrior’s HPS. But when monk does literally the same, cleans postponed stagger damage - this will be reflected nowhere.

Lets assume that we change mechanic for stagger like: instead of purifying, monk gets the same amount of absorb. In terms of damage taken - nothing changes. But in terms of HPS - changes will be huge.

So - is there any way to tune up WCL statistics to reflect monk’s “stagger reduce” effectiveness?

The game doesn’t log cleared Stagger. Anyway, it seems kind of odd to say that Purifying damage that you would have taken as a DoT later should count as healing done. That seems like a stretch to me.

As for the default Staggered damage, the game did actually implement that as an Absorb, but I pushed it into Mitigation back in WoD because Brewmasters were topping healing meters and beating all of the healers on fights. That made healers pretty unhappy, so I pushed it into the Mitigation section to be similar to Block.

Since then, Legion has added Ignore Pain and Bone Shield, so I probably need to make a decision on those, since they do have similarities to Stagger. I could either push those into the Mitigation section, or I could pull Stagger back out and make it an Absorb again.

The way Blizzard implements Damage Taken is just frustratingly inconsistent, since they can choose to implement DR effects as absorbs or as DR. If they implement them as DR, I don’t see that in logs, so I can’t include it anywhere. I have actually asked them to add unmitigated (raw) damage taken to the combat log, since that would enable me to figure all sorts of stuff out.

Not all Stagger, for sure. Only purified part. And pushing IP/BS to mitigation looks logical.

I disagree about making purification equate to Healing Done. In general, anything that counts as Healing Done needs to correspond to actual Damage Taken. Every absorb you see in Healing Done right now is also showing up as Damage Taken. Similarly all non-absorbed healing is healing actual damage taken.

If you purify, that is eliminating future damage taken. I fail to see why that should be credited to the monk as “healing.” There is no corresponding damage taken that it is healing, since that damage hasn’t happened yet.

So, if instead of purifying we have some kind of absorb (i.e. IP with 100% value) with exactly the same value - this will be treated to the monk as healing?

If I move IP and BS to mitigation, then I would remove them from both Damage Taken and Healing Done.

It does sound like the right way to do things.