All Numbers Matching Except Gul'dan

When I log a fight and go to the fight pages, all the fight logs and my personal logs match EXCEPT for the Gul’dan fight. When I get a best HPS I don’t think its translating correctly over.
This has happened twice now.

Post 7.2 Personal
Post 7.2 Fight

Pre 7.2 Personal
Pre 7.2 Fight

Its only Gul’dan, everything else is correctly updating.

Scattering Field absorption is not counted for rankings.

Is something else not counted as well? Cause 467m minus 11mil is NOT 443m.

You are comparing healing with healing per second :wink:

11m healing for 7:39 = 24k hps from Scattering Field
467k hps - 443k hps = 24k hps difference between log and ranked log

Oh, thank you. Sorry, still learning parts of warcraftlog.