Need help reading Tank's damage taken logs (Warrior)

I have a few question regarding reading the prot warrior tank’s damage taken logs. Using melee damage from boss for example…

Blocked Hit 72.26% 55.13Mil 19.35Mil Absorbed
Hit 25.74% 19.11Mil 5.64Mil Absrobed

I’m sure it’s safe to say that ignore pain is not categorized in here since it’s in the healing section so that leaves block alone. Looking at the number above, am I right to say that 55.13mil damage done by the boss was blocked and since it reduce damage by 30% or 60%; the Absorbed are the actual number that was negated out of the 55.13mil?

Then for the hit section, what exactly absorbed those 5.64mil damage? The damage mitigation cooldowns? Or shields from allies? If so did those also apply to the 19.35mil absorbed damage from blocked hit?

Ignore Pain is actually an absorb.