Error: Line 93 - Error encountered

Error: Line 93 - Error encountered.

Final Fantasy 14

I tried uploading a parse from today just before updating the parsing plugin and getting this error. Its one of the better parses our group has had so I’d really like to upload it. I this happening because it was done before the update? If so is there a way to import it to the new version and upload it still?

What game, WoW or FF? You didn’t specify.

Ah my apoligies it would be FF I’ve edited the post now. ^^

Logs produced with versions of ACT prior to v1.4.2.23 are no longer supported.

Ahh fair enough, thank you for your speedy reply!

Having the same issue, is there anyway to repair/convert them so they are supported? I’m kind of bummed out this update broke the old parses without notice :[