FF Upload Error at 53%

FF logs Uploader Build v8.1
ACT version 3.3.0
(not sure of the specifics on the plug in, but it’s up-to-date)

the uploader seems to find and read my files just fine, i’m able to select what fights i want to upload. But at 53%, when the specific log is being uploaded to the server, i get; “Error: Line 149741 - Error encountered.” Not sure what’s up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling each piece (i.e. ACT, the Uploader, Adobe Air) but no luck. I made sure all versions were up to date also, which they already were. So far google has produced little help, so i figured i’d post here >.<

I appreciate any help!

Can you make the log file available somewhere (e.g., dropbox or google or w/e)

let me know if this works, should be able to edit the log. It’s the “Heart of the Creator” log, second from the bottom.


helps if i put the link

I think your act FFXIV Plugin is not up to date, says FFXIV PLUGIN VERSION: at the beginning but last version is v1.4.2.3 ( https://github.com/ravahn/FFXIV_ACT_Plugin/releases )