Issue importing character

I just signed up for FFLogs and I’m trying to import my character. I copied the code to my Lodestone profile but I keep getting this error:

The server for this character could not be found in our database. Let us know on the forums!

My guess is that I don’t have any logs for that character uploaded yet so it can’t find me, but I’m not really sure and I haven’t had a chance to create some logs (tried real quick in a trial but something was being wonky and it wasn’t uploading any data). Any help? Thanks!

Thanks for the bug report. As of 4.5, Lodestone actually changed their page format, so I’ll have to investigate what changed and update the scraper to do the right thing.

ACT is still broken anyway, so you can’t upload anything yet until 4.5 support is added there, so sit tight.

Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling that might have been the case. I’m still new to the game, does ACT generally update quickly or should I expect it to take a while?

This issue should be fixed.

Unfortunately I’m still getting the same error.

I uploaded a log and now it’s able to find my characters.