Error 429 when pulling API data via Google Sheets

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My name is Xcellers and I running a WoW Classic guild management project called the Mk. Ultra - at its core this is a google docs spreadsheet to assist loot council based guilds in their daily operations, increases transparency on loot distribution, and assist loot councils in making educated and qualified decisions, based on available data. The sheet is in use by over 1.100 guilds, and has over 350.000 individual users, it is also under continuous development, and right now, work is well on the way for a major update. Important notion is that it is entirely non-profit, its entirely free for guilds to signup and use the sheet as long as they are non-profit themselves.

For reference, you can see more here:

The issue
Part of this update, is to address a key data metric that we are missing; performance - the goal is to compile a performance value across the last 3 months of raiding, to give a relatively current/realistic/fair performance metric in the form of a median % value (percentile scale) for each player listed in the Google Sheet spreadsheet.

A key challenge for us, is Error 429s when we attempt to pull API data, we are naturally sending a substantial amount of requests and we are getting loads of errors in return, and we were hoping that it would be possible to get a bit of sparring on how we can get around this.

Right now, we are exploring what options we can pursue in Google Sheets when it comes to background scripts - ideally we would like to have our fetch data request go out during low traffic hours on and ideally, through an asymmetric timer based on guild raid days, to kinda spread it out - if at all possible!

We are still in the early stages, so any feedback/suggestions/tips and experiences with this would be very welcome!

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Any help is greatly appreciated!

Just to poke the dead-horse a bit more - any insights on how to properly integrate the Warcraft Logs api into google sheets would be great - scripts that can throttle the requests in particular!

But any assistance would really be great!