[APIv1] Getting info from "Problems" section

I have been using your API for my guild’s raiding and right now we’re using it to track parses and keep a benchmark for our players to hit, it’s been very helpful to see who needs help vs who doesn’t.

Now we’d like to add more information from the “Problems” tab in our logs. The data is fantastic to look at, but only on a fight by fight basis. I’d like to know if there’s a way I can use the API to pull “Problem” information on a regular basis? For example, players that continually screw up Rot on Nythendra. It’d be great that after every raid, I can do a data pull of the API to show all the players that mess it up, save that data, do a pull the next week to show trends.

How can I pull information from the Problems sections without too much hassle? I am guessing it’s under /reports/tables/{view}/{code} but I am not certain how to construct my rest calls as the API docs return nothing back. Is the {code} the random key generated for each report (eg 2qc7HQGbhXjV1Yk)?

This is not supported in the API.