Request: API endpoint for attendance CSVs


First of all, thank you for all your amazing work over the years. I appreciate your efforts so, so much.

How difficult would it be to expose an API endpoint to return an attendance CSV (or JSON formatted version of said attendance) for a raid team within a guild, or all reports with some metadata about what team they’re tagged as? I have made a master spreadsheet with all our guild info, but currently I need to manually pull the CSV down each week and update the spreadsheet. I also would like to adjust people’s numbers to -1 if they no-call, no-show, so it’s not as easy as replacing the current sheet with the new data since that old, modified data would be lost. An API endpoint would make this so much smoother.

Either way, thank you very much for your time!

I have been able to make an attendance view for the app i am working on.
But the hard part is getting the data that applies to our raid team.

As we have 2 raid teams within the guild, but there is no identifier for the raid team present in the api calls i have to do allot of sorting and overhead to end up with a collection i want.

So any api endpoint for the attendance itself or an identifier for raid teams in the api fights/reports endpoint would be useful.

This is coming in v2 (under development now).

Good to hear there is a v2 in development, any info on what v2 will provide that v1 does not? i am quite interested.

Any release date you guys are striving for? I understand you have other things to do and development itself has an aim for a date that not always can be met.

Awesome! Thanks for this. Is there any way I can get an access code to the pre-release API so I can start converting over my scripts/exploring attendance automation?

You can access info about v2 from the bottom of your user settings page. v2 now has an attendance query included.