Dummy logging. Dummy logging

Hi, I cant figure out how can i get proper dummy logs. My steps are:
Starting “Live log” in uploader.
Attacking dummy for 1.5 min
Waitng while there is uploader waitng for combat to end (about a few minutes).
Then it uploads this: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DNaA2b6HLYRF8z4X/#fight=last

Some werd numbers, 150k dps, diagram shows only 5 seconds of fight. And wowanalyzer doesnt find any battle in the log, Am in doing smth wrong or logging dummy fight is not intended? Thx.

Target dummy logging doesn’t work very well. This isn’t something the site is really designed to handle (and Blizzard’s logging doesn’t handle it well either).

Any suggestions what i cant replace dummy on? Mb some old raid boss who lives enough and doesnt kill for a few minutes? If there is some.