Crazy lotm padding [holy paladin]

The setup:

  • be a holy paladin with the legendary obsidian stone spaulders
  • bring 2 other holy paladin friends that will contribute absolutely nothing of value to the fight (except helping you pad ofc)

Now your friends spam lotm for the self inflicted damage part (while doing 99%+ overheal with the actual healing part of the spell). The important part is that they cast it on YOU, so your stone spaulders trigger (which works with overheal and heal you receive from other players). Ideally you want to have your beacons on them, since they are taking more damage than any normal encounter mechanic would inflict anyway, so super low beacon and stone spaulders overheal. But eh sometimes you actually have to put beacon on the tank, yeah you suffer a little bit in hps but still eez rank 1.

Logs and characters I’m talking about:

padder: Shahz
2 friends: Betsujin and Skatejawn

Could we please get a character ban for these three? Ridiculous specific and elaborate setup, not like they didn’t know what kind of bullshit they were doing. Also possible to blacklist logs in which someone has overall more lotm damage taken than healing done?