Legit Skorpyron Logs Invalidated?

Not that it is a big issue since the ranks hardly matter at this stage, but our logs are getting invalidated despite being 100% legitimate: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rnbATPNcV8dY6x7C#fight=2&view=rankings

We were using a strategy where we just quickly AoE’d down the small adds before they spread out rather than dealing with them throughout the fight. Nothing with exploits or non-boss enemies involved, so not sure why the logs are being marked as invalid.


I now saw your Tweet about this issue. Although I agree it’s silly for parses, everything about the fight is silly for parses. All the top parses are add padding, so invalidating logs seems odd to me. This strat actually makes the fight extremely simple and given that all the other top parses are add padding to some degree, I dunno.

Probably should be removed from all-stars regardless, unless you only rank on boss damage or something.

I gave it some thought, and I’ve decided to not invalidate any logs. Instead, I’m just going to make sure that Skorpyron is worth 0 All Star points, and that it is not included in any aggregate Statistics. People can have fun padding on it and screwing around, but it will have no impact on anything and won’t be used as part of overall class balance over in Statistics.

Another proposal is: we can rank on boss and on adds coming from boss and dont count adds that we step in the outer ring wich that makes a lot of small adds come in and getting big numbers AOEing them down.In my log yesterday i personally got knocked back 2 times and spawn little adds cause i didnt activate DBM addon and didnt know the timers. Is my proposal valid or it cant be done? Thank you!

Well, the thing is that currently fighting the adds immediately (until Blizzard changes something) has some strat advantages because the adds don’t buff themselves right away. So guilds are not doing it just to pad, but also because it makes the fight a lot easier than dealing with the buffed adds.

Trying to differentiate between the different approaches seems like a lost cause. Whole fight is kinda pointless to rank on unless you rank only on boss DPS or something.