WARNING: massive fake logs / exploited logs!

Many many rogue logs are exploitet (95% and even higher vendetta uptimes).
For example nythendra #2 world rogue:

But also #1 is fake. I wrote an email to the website owner of warcraftlogs (~12 hours ago) but he didnt do anything yet.

The whole rogue logs seem to be compromised - I strongly suggest a reset with the next ID for all rogues (at least).

The 7.1.5 ranks for EN/ToV are basically just there to help Blizz catch bugs with the patch. They’re meaningless. When Nighthold comes out on Tues, EN/ToV will be frozen permanently, and the default view for EN/ToV will revert back to the rankings from before 7.1.5 came out.

I do not plan to deal with the exploits from this 1 week of toy ranks, since I am busy preparing for Nighthold. Any exploits that persist into real rankings, i.e., Nighthold, will be dealt with, so feel free to post any of those you find after Nighthold comes out.