Unknown error while starting WCL

Hey, last week i downloaded the new client for the first time and everything went well. Yesterday i got a message about there being a new patch, so i downloaded that one. The download and installation seemed to work fine but when ive tried to start the programm it simply states “Unknown Error”. and the programm vanishes from my pc. Tried to download and install it several times, never worked. I have no idea why that is. Google sadly didnt help me. Hope there is anyone who has an idea what the problem might be.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: There was another topic about a kinda similar problem. Took an advice from there and deactivated Avast. Worked for me.

Edit 2: seems like when i reactivate Avast, WCL disappears again. Hope they fix that soon. Until then its a bit extra work to upload some logs^^