Raid for claiming a character?

I just set up a page for our guild on Mankrik yesterday night. Everyone was pretty excited. I logged a BG, as well as a couple normal dungeons, got a couple members to join using the link. The trouble is… WCL is saying “No character found with the specified name” for anyone trying to claim a character.

My WCL is set to TBC in the top (which we are). We do have logs, but as mentioned, they are not raids or heroics.

My question is… do we have to have raid level logs in order to claim our characters for the guild? Even when I click on the Rankings page of our guild and do the drop down for “Heroics” it says, “Guild rankings are not supported for this zone.”

At this time, we are a micro-guild. Are we not going to show up without raiding?

Thank you for any help!

Hey there,

As there is no API or armory for Classic, we require characters to log either a raid or a heroic dungeon (Make sure to start the log before entering the dungeon) to create a character page. Characters can only be claimed if the character page exists (you can use the search bar to find existing characters) - and then you also need to have updated WoW forum activity.

I see, and thank you for the reply!

I know we’ll be hitting Heroics but without the numbers, at least for now, will not be doing raids for a while. I thought that might have been the case. I’ll let everyone know.

Thanks again!