Character logs didn't appear after renaming and character didn't appear at all


I have renamed character from Maenne Brewer (Odin) to Siuan Sanche (Odin), but have faced with the following issues:

  1. No new character in search:
  2. Old character is in search results but have no data.
  3. If I logged in I can see my old pastes, but no new data appear. For example, character lives here, but this one paste didn’t appear.

How can I resolve these issues?

Hmm, after clicking I found that my paste from here appears on wrong character here

Well, after doing some alexes and uploading parses my character appears in search info. So it seems like there is an issue that sometimes parses from cross-world party matches wrong character with the same name, but from another world

And again. Looks like with cross-server party it matches on character by name, not by ID or something else and does not match by server at all. So if you are in party and some1 from another server uploads parse, it appears on wrong character which has the same name, but on another server.

Is it possible ti add button like “it is my parse”?

See the thread on FF Logs Server detection. I’m working on a new architecture to address these issues.