My character profile does not "exactly" appear when entered through the search bar

A few years back, I made an FFXIV character by the name of “Sol Aria” on Mateus. I, however, stopped playing about a month later. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I began to play again. I decided to delete “Sol Aria” and create a new character using the same exact name on the same exact server, just to have a fresh start. A few months ago, when I went to search my character on FFLogs to look at my parses, it would pull up information only on the old “Sol Aria”. I requested through the forums to somehow fix this, so that I could look at the parses of the new “Sol Aria”. The solution in the end was that when typing in my character name, it would pull up information on both of the characters, although one of them no longer existed. Fast forward to now, when I type my character name within the search bar, it, once again, only pulls up data of the old, deleted Sol Aria. The only way I can look at the current Sol Aria’s parses is through logging in to my FFLogs account.

I’ll investigate this. It may be that the code isn’t properly marking deleted characters as dead. Depends on what Lodestone returns and if I’m interpreting that result correctly.

This has been fixed.