My parse didnt appear after i changed my character's name

So I changed my character’s name, did a v3s run, got a 95, and my friend uploaded the parse.
I cant search for my character’s name until the next day, when I’m able to search my character’s name, the parse isn’t updated, reimported my character from the lodestone and clicked update but doesn’t work. The parse is visible on my friend’s log though. Is there any way I can update my parse?

my character’s name was Blaize Vesalius, changed it to Neraleen Ai.
my friend’s character name - Yunan Cha

clicked update till now and still wasn’t listed… 1 week+ already…

Have a report URL? Just re-export it (rankings tab of the report).

ah okk, tyvm! it worked! wonder why I never think of trying that… T_T