Char not searchable


If you look on “Zolex Lightspear” you can find 2 on Odin in the search bar (I don’t know why) but have no data.
However if I go to my char in my own profile I can see all the data there (and my logs are public).

No data:


I have no logs of myself, just my char being in guild logs.

There are actually two Zolex Lightspears on Odin. I didn’t think that was possible to have the same name on a server. Anyway will fix the search so that it doesn’t always go to the same one for both results, but two results do actually exist:


Thanks, but are you sure there are two? The other one doesn’t seem to have stats or picture.
I’d also find it very strange that a name could exist twice, I don’t think that’s possible. /tell etc would not be possible


No picture is just a bug on my end. See the actual lodestone links I provided.

that is probably my character I started out with, considering it’s a dragoon with all the params I took with my current char aside from a new look.
Can it be that I deleted that char to start a new with the same name and the lodestone char is still there?