Change guilds of the dropdown menu of my avatar


Hi all,

When you click on your avatar appears a dropdown menu with your guilds, your personal logs and your characters. Is there a way to change what guilds appear in this dropdown? Because in mine, the guild of my main character is missing and appears a guild where I don’t belong anymore.

Thank you all.


Anyone can help me with that?


I have the same problem, only 1 of the 4 guilds that my characters are/have been is showing, and i cannot select the guild my main is in right now (despite appearing in the setting page), so I cannot access private reports.

I have tried to remove all other characters except my main but it still only shows 1 guild. Also tried to resync my battlenet account to no avail.

My username in WarcraftLogs is: Razbius

Help would be much appreciated

(Sorry for the necro, but this was the earliest post with my issue that i found)