Guild name change

Hi, I’m sort of hoping someone can simply change the name of my guild on Warcraftlogs from Athena’s Avatars to Athenas Avatars. We are on Hellscream-US.

Back when I created the guild profile on, there was no Battle Net integration. I had used an apostrophe in the name. Now, with the integration, ‘Athenas Avatars’ was created by mistake. When I try to change the name to not include the apostrophe, it tells me another guild already has that name.

To clarify, I’m not the GM, just the guy who manages all of our logs. My GM is not available due to travel unfortunately.

Fixed it for you.

Hello sorry to bother you Kihra. I am GM but not the one who is uploading our logs to site and we changed our guild name today from Paspas to MÉTA. The server is Twisting Nether (EU). Is there a way to change our guild name or can you do it ? Thanks for your time.

Yeah, Edit Guild Information from the Settings page.

Hi, i need also to change the name of my guild from Constellation Offprings to Constellation Offpring, I create the Guild on the forum but I cant find in the Settings were to change Guild settings!!!

Tks for the help

Same proplem here. We changed the guild name from Robbantós Zsiga to Reroll on Ragnaros (EU). New guild created automatically so i dont have access to the old guild nad logs. Is there a way to replace the logs from the old guild to the new one?
Thanks for the help.