Can't log to the guild page


Having a bit of a weird problem.

I log into both the website, and the upload client with the same account.
I’m a raider in the guild, and the guild shows up in the list of guilds on the website.
BUT, i can not select to log to that guild. I can only select personal logs and two guilds that i aren’t even in anymore.
The guilds i’m not in anymore i have left/removed from the website. But there are still like 4 other guilds, that i was in earlier
that still shows up there.


  1. How can i select my current guild in the upload client?
  2. How can i delete guild’s that i aren’t in anymore from the website? No need to see them

Would LOVE some help on this as it’s getting extremely annoying.

And yes, the guild is set to Automatic Management, and my is linked

Guild name and server?

Ragnarök on Argent Dawn.

We figured that the problem is that a guy that ragequit the team (and guild), is the only admin or what its called there.
So we can’t change anything before he decides to help us, unless you can do it.