Can't log to my Guild


So, I’m having a bit of a weird problem. I just created a warcraftlogs account on 26 Sep 18 so I could log for my guild.

I log into both the website, and the upload client with the same account.
I’m a raider in the guild, and the guild shows up in the list of guilds on my settings page where it lists my characters and guilds after being associated with my account.

BUT, i can not select to log to my guild. I can only select personal logs and two guilds which I have inactive characters in. My main characters are all in the guild I want to log to, and my main character is listed on the guild page in the player listing (which is 120, currently in the guild, and also listed as my main character on warcraftlogs)

How can i select my current guild in the upload client?

The guild is set to Automatic Management, and my account is linked, like I mentioned, the correct guild shows up on my settings page, but is not listed in my guilds when I log into the main page, and not listed in the guilds I can log to.

The guild is Execute-Smolderthorn - US

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting my association, refreshing the characters, refreshing the guilds, none of these things have helped so far.

You are currently Recruit rank in the guild on WCL. Recruits cannot upload logs. An Officer (or the GM) will need to change the Member cutoff and make you a member before you will be able to log to the guild.