Can't Log into Uploader

After restoring my mac from a Time Machine backup I can no longer log into the Updater. I can’t locate anything resembling the Adobe AIR ELS folder mentioned in some similar topics - what is the equivalent on a 10.13.2 Mac? The uploader works perfectly on another older mac I have with the same OS - but I don’t play wow on that…

Should be under

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS

I can’t find that. In my startup disk library, the Adobe folder enclosed by Application Support only has a ‘Flash Player Install Manager’ folder. The shared user library Application support folder is empty, the individual user folders don’t contain a seperate library. Any other ideas?

Is it just hanging forever?

Yes It appears so. However it does seem to work on a different user profile on the same computer, it even works on a guest profile after it prompts to download AIR. It just doesn’t work on the user profile i do everything on… but if all else fails I guess I have an option.

That symptom sure sounds like you have an ELS problem in your specific user directory.

Fixed it. Being a bit of a noob I didn’t realise the library you mentioned was hidden, and found it using the ‘Go to folder’ search and entering ~/Library. Once found, I deleted the folder you mentioned and it now works. Thanks for your help. :smile: