Warcraft log uploader stuck in log in

I put my account press log in and it stays that way all them time and never starts , both the uploader and adobe air are up to date been trying to find a solution but cant seem to find any i would appreciate the help with this.

I do have the same problem. When I press “Log in” it gets stuck in the login process and nothing happens. But it does check the login data. When entering a wrong password I get an error message.

FYI: I’m using Win10 64 bit, reinstalled Adobe Air and Warcraft Uploader.

Please help.

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You probably have a corrupted encrypted local store. You’ll want to delete the ELS directory… Adobe/AIR/ELS/

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That worked. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Work , thank you very much.

Hi, I have the same issue as the one describe here, except I can’t do the solution.

There is no AIR in the Adobe directory in Program Files.
There is also an “Adobe AIR” in the “Common Files” but there is only a folder with “Versions” and no ELS in it :frowning:

I try uninstalling Adobe AIR aswell as Warcraftlogs uploader but it doesn’t change anything.

It’s in %AppData% not Program Files.

Indeed ! Thanks a lot for your quick reply ! :slight_smile:

If you’re on a Mac you want to go to Users -> (your username) -> Library -> Application Support -> Adobe -> AIR and then delete the ELS folder in there. I just had this same problem.

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Hi, i’ve the same issue. I deleted the ELS folder but that didnt solve my problem. Any ideas ?

I have same issue and deleting ELS folder didnt help me. @Jailbat did u solve this?

i have same problem, can’t login (but it’s checks login data), just stuck, clearing folder (AIR\ELS), reinstalling adobe air, warcraftlogs app - doesn’t help, any solutions?

Im having this issue, did anyone ever figure it out?

Did you clear your %AppData%\Adobe AIR\ELS directory? Just remove it.